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United States Power Squadron Education Program

Albemarle Sail and Power Squadron Education Calendar Outline

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Albemarle Sail and Power Squadron Education Program

       The primary mission of the Albemarle Sail and Power Squadron is the education of Albemarle Sound area boaters at all levels of experience.  In order to achieve this, we offer the full extent of the United States Power Squadron Education Program –of which some basic ones are offered to the public, while the advanced courses are available to ASPS members.

       The courses cover a broad spectrum of important concepts and skills for boating safely and comfortably. They provide practical knowledge for all types of boaters – fishermen, cruisers on power or sail boats, jet-skiers and paddlers. These courses have been developed and refined over many years by our national organization, USPS.

       We try to assure that all of our instructors are experienced and knowledgeable boaters, so that they can share their experiences and help put what is learned into a real-life perspective.

       To this end, we offer a group of public courses on boating, boat handling and navigation oriented toward the first time boater. USPS one day Seminars are given throughout the year and are open to non-members.

       Also, a comprehensive suite of advanced courses, that build upon basic boat handling and piloting skills, are available to ASPS members only. 

       In addition, elective courses are offered on a wide range of boating related topics to broaden the boater’s knowledge, comfort level and enjoyment.

       USPS also offers 16 Learning Guides: self study texts on special-interest subjects, and the USPS single-day seminars are offered to the public on a periodic basis.

       The ASPS members can obtain USPS Boat Operator’s Certification, Inland Navigator Certificate.

       All educational courses are offered for the cost of books, materials and the rental of class room space when necessary.

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